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Vulnerabilities and Defenses

(Mostly) Static Analysis

Gary Wassermann and Zhendong Su. Sound and Precise Analysis of Web Applications for Injection Vulnerabilities. PLDI 2007

Zhendong Su and Gary Wassermann. The Essence of Command Injection Attacks in Web Applications. POPL 2006.

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Dynamic Defenses

Emre Kiciman and Helen J. Wang. Live Monitoring: Using Adaptive Instrumentation and Analysis to Debug and Maintain Web Applications . Hot Topics in Operating Systems, 2007.

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Client-Side Defenses

Shuo Chen, David Ross, and Yi-Min Wang. An Analysis of Browser Domain-Isolation Bugs and A Light-Weight Transparent Defense Mechanism. ACM CCS 2007.

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Malicious Content Detection

Alexander Moshchuk, Tanya Bragin, Damien Deville, Steven D. Gribble, and Henry M. Levy. SpyProxy: Execution-based Detection of Malicious Web Content. USENIX Security 2007.

Charles Reis, John Dunagan, Helen J. Wang, Opher Dubrovsky, Saher Esmeir. BrowserShield: Vulnerability-Driven Filtering of Dynamic HTML. OSDI 2006.

Programming Approaches

Programming Tools

Stephen Chong, K. Vikram, and Andrew C. Myers. SIF: Enforcing Confidentiality and Integrity in Web Applications. USENIX Security 2007.

Benjamin Livshits and Ulfar Erlingsson. Using Web Application Construction Frameworks to Protect Against Code Injection Attacks. Workshop on Programming Languages and Analysis for Security (PLAS 2007), June 2007.

Content Composition (Mash Ups)

Jon Howell, Collin Jackson, Helen Wang, and Xiaofeng Fan. MashupOS: Operating System Abstractions for Client Mashups. HotOS 2007. Helen Wang, Xiaofeng Fan, Jon Howell, Collin Jackson. Protection and Communication Abstractions for Web Browsers in MashupOS. 21st ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), October 2007.

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Raman Kazhamiakin, Marco Pistore, Luca Santuari. Analysis of communication models in web service compositions. WWW 2006. Paul A. Karger. Mashups Legitimize Man-in-the-Middle Attacks (Position Paper). Web 2.0 Security and Privacy Workshop 2007.

K. Vikram and Michael Steiner. Mashup Component Isolation via Server-Side Analysis and Instrumention. Web 2.0 Security and Privacy Workshop 2007.



Lars Backstrom, Cynthia Dwork, Jon Kleinberg. Wherefore Art Thou R3579X? Anonymized Social Networks, Hidden Patterns, and Structural Steganography. WWW 2007.

Ravi Kumar, Jasmine Novak, Bo Pang, Andrew Tomkins. On Anonymizing Query Logs via Token-based Hashing. WWW 2007.

Yabo Xu, Benyu Zhang, Zheng Chen, Ke Wang. Privacy-Enhancing Personalized Web Search. WWW 2007.


Jessica Staddon and Philippe Golle. Web-Based Inference Detection. USENIX Security 2007.

Information Leaks

Andrew Bortz, Dan Boneh, Palash Nandy. Exposing Private Information by Timing Web Applications. WWW 2007.

S.E. Coull, M.P. Collins, C.V. Wright, F. Monrose, M.K. Reiter. On Web Browsing Privacy in Anonymized NetFlows. USENIX Security 2007.

Browser Privacy

Markus Jakobsson, Sid Stamm. Invasive Browser Sniffing and Countermeasures. WWW 2006.

Umesh Shankar and Chris Karlof. Doppelganger: Better Browser Privacy Without the Bother. CCS 2006.

Collin Jackson, Andrew Bortz, Dan Boneh, John C Mitchell. Protecting Browser State from Web Privacy Attacks. WWW 2006.


Threat Assessment

Yi-Min Wang, Doug Beck, Xuxian Jiang, Roussi Roussev, Chad Verbowski, Shuo Chen, and Sam King.
Automated Web Patrol with Strider HoneyMonkeys: Finding Web Sites That Exploit Browser Vulnerabilities. NDSS 2006.

Niels Provos, Dean McNamee, Panayiotis Mavrommatis, Ke Wang and Nagendra Modadugu. The Ghost In The Browser: Analysis of Web-based Malware. HotBots 2007.

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Mengjun Xie, Heng Yin, Haining Wang. An Effective Defense Against Email Spam Laundering. CCS 2006.

Yi-Min Wang, Ming Ma, Yuan Niu, Hao Chen. Spam Double-Funnel: Connecting Web Spammers with Advertisers. WWW 2007.

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David S. Anderson, Chris Fleizach, Stefan Savage, and Geoffrey M. Voelker. Spamscatter: Characterizing Internet Scam Hosting Infrastructure. USENIX Security 2007.

Search Engine Poisoning

Baoning Wu, Vinay Goel, Brian D. Davison. TrustRank: using topicality to combat web spam. WWW 2006.

Baoning Wu, Brian D. Davison. Detecting Semantic Cloaking on the Web. WWW 2006.

Alexandros Ntoulas, Marc Najork, Mark Manasse, Dennis Fetterly. Detecting Spam Web Pages through Content Analysis. WWW 2006.


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Markus Jakobsson, Jacob Ratkiewicz. Designing ethical phishing experiments: a study of (ROT13) rOnl query features. WWW 2006.

Fraud Detection

Shashank Pandit, Duen Horng Chau, Samuel Wang, Christos Faloutsos. NetProbe: A Fast and Scalable System for Fraud Detection in Online Auction Networks. WWW 2007.

Ahmed Metwally, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi. DETECTIVES: DETEcting Coalition hiT Inflation attacks in adVertising nEtworks Streams. WWW 2007.

Neil Daswani, Michael Stoppelman, and the Google Click Quality and Security Teams. The Anatomy of Clickbot.A. HotBots 2007.

Ari Juels, Sid Stamm, Markus Jakobsson. Combating Click Fraud via Premium Clicks. USENIX Security 2007.

Social Networks

Boanerges Aleman-Meza, Meenakshi Nagarajan, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Li Ding, Pranam Kolari, Amit Sheth, I. Budak Arpinar, Anupam Joshi, Tim Finin. Semantic analytics on social networks: experiences in addressing the problem of conflict of interest detection. WWW 2006.



Dinei Florencio, Cormac Herley. A Large-Scale Study of Web Password Habits. WWW 2007.


B. Thomas Adler, Luca de Alfaro. A Content-Driven Reputation System for the Wikipedia . WWW 2007.

cs851: Web Application Security
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