Fuwen TAN

Graduate Student

Department of Computer Science

University of Virginia

85 Engineer's Way, Box 400740

Charlottesville, VA 22904


About me

I am a second-year graduate student in the Computer Science Department of U.Va, working with Dr. Connelly Barnes. Previously I was a research associate at BeingThere Centre, Nanyang Technological University, where I worked on 3D telepresence with Dr. Chi-Wing FU. My past work falls in the areas of Computer Graphics. I'm now working on application of Deep Learning to Computational Photography. Here is my CV.


High-Quality Kinect Depth Filtering For Real-time 3D Telepresence

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 2013
Mengyao Zhao, Fuwen Tan, Chi-Wing Fu, Chi-Keung Tang, Jianfei Cai, Tat Jen Cham

3D telepresence is a next-generation multimedia application, offering remote users an immersive and natural video­ conferencing environment with real-time 3D graphics. Kinect sensor, a conswner-grade range camera, facilitates the implementation of some recent 3D telepresence systems. However, conventional data filtering methods are insufficient to handle Kinect depth error because such error is quantized rather than just randomly-distributed ...

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Tele-Registration: A Field-Guided Registration for Feature-Conforming Shape Composition

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia), 2012
Hui Huang, Minglun Gong, Daniel Cohen-Or, Yaobin Ouyang, Fuwen Tan, Hao Zhang

We present an automatic shape composition method to fuse two shape parts which may not overlap and possibly contain sharp fea- tures, a scenario often encountered when modeling man-made ob- jects. At the core of our method is a novel field-guided approach to automatically align two input parts in a feature-conforming manner. The key to our field-guided shape registration is a natural contin- uation of one part into the ambient field ...

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