Satellite Workshop on

Data Exchange Formats

A workshop on exchange formats for graph/network data will be held prior to the 8th Intl. Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD 2000) in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, on September 20, 2000.

The intention of the workshop is to lay the foundation for a standards proposal. The workshop will be started with two presentations, followed by a discussion that should eventually lead to the specification of requirements for a common standard and the formation of a working group.


Stephen North: Introduction to XML
Scott Marshall: Survey of existing formats
Coffee Break

The workshop is open for everyone to participate. However, a fee of $30 is to be paid in cash on-site to cover organizational expenses. Please announce your intention to participate by sending an email to Ulrik Brandes.


What: Workshop on Data Exchange Formats
When: 20 September, 2000 (starts at 2pm)
Cost: $30 (payable in cash or check, at the workshop)
Contact: Email Ulrik Brandes if you intend to participate.

Background Information

XML (eXtensible Markup Language)
Universal format for structured documents and data on the Web
RDF (Resource Description Framework)
Metadata format
HDF (Hierarchical Data Format)
Scientific data format
XML-based graph format proposal
GXL (Graph Exchange Language)
XML-based graph format proposal
XML-based format used with Grrr (Graph Rewriting Programming Language)
GML (Graph Modelling Language)
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics format)
XML-based format for graphics

Related Efforts

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