CS 651-0002: Modern Research in Computer Graphics 

HTML version of the course syllabus.
HTML version of the bio sheet that I handed out on the first day.
HTML version of the schedule of paper presentations.
More detailed descriptions of these and other papers (also available in postscript).

Slide handouts for Lecture 1, in postscript.
Slide handouts for Lecture 2, in postscript.
Slide handouts for Hierarchical Image Caching for Accelerated Walkthroughs of Complex Environments, in postscript.

Assignment 1 and some example .poly models.
Assignment 1.1, an extension of assignment 1.
The project proposal assignment, in HTML and postscript.

Time: 3:30-4:45 PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Place: Olsson conference room #228E
Instructor: David Luebke (Olsson #219), luebke@cs.virginia.edu
Format: Seminar, with a project.  No tests.  Two small programs.
Project: Can take one of three forms: 
  • A survey paper examining in depth one of the graphics topics we touch on
  • An implementation project coding up ideas from one of the papers we read
  • A research project attempting to extend or combine ideas from the papers we read
Prereqs: CS Graduate student or consent of instructor.  Also: 
  • Basic linear algebra helpful, not required
  • Good programming skills important
  • As the seminar is intended to be a broad survey rather than an in-depth study, previous computer graphics background will be helpful but is not required
Description:  This seminar will survey the state of the art in computer graphics research.  Beginning with background topics such as graphics hardware & the rendering pipeline, the bulk of the course will consist of reading and discussing recent and landmark papers in computer graphics. Class interest will help drive the paper selection, but topics likely to be covered will include ray tracing, radiosity, visibility or occlusion culling, polygonal simplification, image-based simplification, image-based rendering, and virtual reality.  Other possible topics include character animation, collision detection, and non-photorealistic or pen-and-ink rendering.

The background image is from Realistic Modeling and Rendering of Plant Ecosystems, by Oliver Deussen, P. Hanrahan, M. Pharr, B. Lintermann, R. Mech, and P. Prusinkiewicz.  From Proceedings of SIGGRAPH '98, ACM Press, (c) 1998.