Advanced Computer Graphics (and Animation), Spring 2002

CS 551 (Undergrad) / CS 851 (Graduate)

Time: Tuesday/Thursday 5:00 - 6:15
Place: OLS 005
David Brogan (Olsson Room 217),
Office Hours: I have no set office hours for this course, though I am frequently in my office. If you want to be certain to reach me, please schedule an appointment with me via email.
Office Phone: 982-2211
We're running solo...
Web Page
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics - CS 445
  • Computer Animation - Algorithms and Techniques; Rick Parent
  • OpenGL Programming Guide, The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Woo, Neider, Davis, and Shreiner
  • (Not Required, but a great reference book) Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, Foley, van Dam, Feiner, and Hughes
Assignments: TBA
Tests: One midterm and one final
Grading: TBA
Late Days: Students have five late days that they can use in any way during the semester. Each late day extends the due date by 24 hours. Use your late days wisely; you will not be granted additional late days without a written note from the Dean's office.
Honor Code: The honor code applies to all work turned in for this course. In particular, all code and documentation should be entirely your own work. You may consult with other students about high-level design strategies related to programming assignments, but you many not copy code or use the structure or organization of another students program. Said another way, you may talk with one another about your programs, but you cannot ever look at another student's code nor let another student look at your own code. Each assignment will include a specific Honor Code Guideline referring to the use of online materials.
Date Topic Reading Slides
Week 1 Jan 17 Introduction Chapter 1 PowerPoint
Week 2 Jan 22 Introduction Chapter 1 & SIGGRAPH Notes PowerPoint
  Jan 24 Technical Background   PowerPoint
Week 3 Jan 29 Arc Length Ch. 3.1 - 3.3 PowerPoint
Jan 31 Paths, Smoothing, Least Square Fit
Assignment 1 Out
Ch. 3.4 PowerPoint
Week 4 Feb 5 Paper 1: Tour Into the Picture, Horry, Anjyo, and Arai.  SIGGRAPH '97. 

Paper 2: Particle Systems - A Technique for Modeling a Class of Fuzzy Objects,William Reeves, SIGGRAPH '83.
TIP Movie

Particle S/W
Particle Fury SW
 Nebula S/W

Paper 1: PowerPoint

Paper 2: PowerPoint

Feb 7 Paper 3: Animation of Plant Development, Prusinkiewicz, Hammel, Mjolsness, SIGGRAPH '93.

Review of Tour Into Picture

Assignment 1 Due at 9:00 a.m.

Plant movie


Spline S/W

Paper 3: PowerPoint



Week 5 Feb 12 Image Warping / Morphing

Feature-Based Image Metamorphosis, Beier and Neely, SIGGRAPH '92.

Assignment 2 Out

Ch. 3.7 - 3.9 PowerPoint
  Feb 14 Animation / Kinematics Chapter 4.1 - 4.2 PowerPoint
Week 6 Feb 19 Inverse Kinematics Chapter 4.2 PowerPoint
Berkeley PDF Notes
Feb 21 Paper 1: Automatic
Joint Parameter Estimation From Magnetic Motion Capture Data
, J. O' Brien, B. Bodenheimer, G. J. Brostow, and J. Hodgins, Graphics
Interface 2000

Paper 2: Automated learning of muscle-actuated
locomotion through control abstraction
,  R. Grzeszczuk, D. Terzopoulos, SIGGRAPH '95..

Joint Estimation Movie



Cousto Movie
Go Fish Movie
Preying Movie
Schooling Movie

Paper 1: PowerPoint




Paper 2: PowerPoint

Week 7 Feb 26 Continued Paper Review
Optimization I (Simulated Annealing)
Assignment 2 Due at 9:00 a.m.
Feb 28 Optimization II (Simplex Method)   PowerPoint
Week 8 Mar 5 Physical Simulation I Hecker Article 1
Hecker Article 2
  Mar 7 Physical Simulation II Hecker Article 3
Hecker Article 4
Week 9 Mar 12 Spring Break    
Mar 14 Spring Break    
Week 10 Mar 19 Predicting the drape of woven cloth using interacting particles, D. Breen, D. House, M. Wozny, SIGGRAPH '94.

Timewarp Rigid Body Simulation, B. Mirtich, SIGGRAPH 2000.

Assignment 3 Out

Cloth Movies Paper 1: PowerPoint


Paper 2: PowerPoint

Mar 21 Rigid Body Simulation   PowerPoint
Week 11 Mar 26 Rigid Body Simulation    
  Mar 28 Runge Kutta Integration    
Week 12 Apr 2 Autonomous Agents
Assignment 3 Due at 9:00 a.m.
  Apr 4 Implicit Surfaces   PowerPoint
Week 13 Apr 9 Paper 1: Spacetime Constraints, (no images) A. Witkin and M. Kass, SIGGRAPH 88.

Paper 2: Deep-Water Animation and Rendering, Lasse Jensen, Gamasutra Sept 26, 2001

Apr 11 Paper 1: Spacetime Constraints Revisited: Ngo and Marks, SIGGRAPH '93.

Paper 2: Evolving Virtual Creatures, Sims, SIGGRAPH '94.

Sims Movie PowerPoint



Week 14 Apr 16 Spiff: Michael Gleicher. Retargetting Motion to New Characters. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 98. In Computer Graphics Annual Conferance Series. 1998.

Sean: Rose, C., Cohen, M., and Bodenheimer, B., ``Verbs and Adverbs: Multidimensional Motion Interpolation'', IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, v. 18, no. 5, Sept. 1998, pp. 32-40.

Gleicher Movies

V/A Movie
V/A Movie
V/A Movie






  Apr 18 Guest Speaker: David Handelman, American Android.  Character animation and robotics.

Assignment 4 Out

Week 15 Apr 23 Kashyap: Barbara J. Meier, Painterly Rendering for Animation, Siggraph 1996

Chris W.: Lee Markosian, Michael A. Kowalski, Samuel J. Trychin, Lubomir D. Bourdev, Daniel Goldstein and John F. Hughes.
Real-Time Nonphotorealistic Rendering.
Proceedings of SIGGRAPH '97.


Markosian Movie PowerPoint





  Apr 25 Suhocki: Schödl, A., R. Szeliski, D. Salesin, and I. Essa. “Video Textures”, In Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference, New Orleans, LA, January 2000. (Paper | Presentation) [WEBPAGE]

Margolis: SKETCH: An interface for sketching 3D scenes, by R. C. Zeleznik, K. Herndon, and J. F. Hughes. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH '96.  Also at ACM Digital Library

Goodman: Simulating Dynamical Features of Escape Panic, D. Helbing, I. Farkas, and T. Vicsek.  Nature, September 28, 2000.








Week 16 Apr 30 Brostow, G., I. Essa, "Image-Based Motion Blur for Stop Motion Animation", Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 2001, Los Angeles, CA, USA, August 2001. (PDF|PS| Movies).  [WEBPAGE]   PowerPoint
  May 3 Assignment 4 Due 9:00 a.m.    
Week 17 May 6 Final Exam is Available   MS WORD
  May 10 Final Exam is due by 5:00 p.m.