CS 447/647 Spring 2003 Rendering Competition

This page contains the final project submissions for the rendering competition in Greg Humphreys CS 447/647 class: Image Synthesis in the Spring semester of 2003. Nolan Goodnight was the TA.

The judges for the competition were:

First Prize
Simulating the appearance of Jade
by Rui Wang

Rui implemented a subsurface scattering algorithm and rendered partially translucent Jade statues. It was difficult to distinguish his renderings from actual reference photographs.

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Second Prize
Rendering a lava lamp
by Dale Beermann and John Tran

Dale and John used a combination of image-based lighting and subsurface scattering to render a lava lamp in various environments. Their efforts won them an XBOX.
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Third Prizes (In no particular order)
Fake Fur rendering
by Thomas Smith

Thomas implemented Dan Goldman's "Fake Fur Rendering" to simulate fur in which the individual hairs cannot be resolved.

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Rendering realistic skies
by Kristen Neal

Kristen added a new sky light source to LRT. The sky light model is parameterized by the latitude and longitude of the viewing location, the time zone of the location, the time of day, the day of year, and weather conditions. She rendered images corresponding to various times of day.
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Light Polarization effects
by Pieter Panman and Matt Hilliard

Matt and Pieter added support for light polarization to LRT. There images depict the type of effects visible to someone wearing polarized sunglasses.
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Other Cool Submissions (In no particular order)
Thin film interferrance
by Nik Baltatzis

Nik implemented a model for thin film interference (like that visible in relfections from soap bubbles).
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Rendering Phosphorescent Materials Under UV illumination
by Adam Hess

This project simulates an Ultraviolet light source and a Phosphorescent material which emits visible light in all directions. This causes the phosphorescent surface to act like an area light source with an intensity which is proportional to the ultraviolet light hitting it.
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Continually varying index of refraction
by Thiago Ize

Thiago modeled continually varying index of refraction as a function of heat in 3D space. He rendered images of mirages.
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Rendering Escher drawings
by Samir Roy

Samir implemented subsurface scattering in a effort to render images similar to M.C. Escher drawings.
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Long-exposure rendering of fire
by Brenden Schubert

Brenden rendered images of flaming rolls of toilet paper.
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