Interop Notes:

GridFTP and GRAM services and clients interoperate with their GT4 counterparts with the exceptions noted below.


  1. GridFTP.NET service does not support the Data Channel Authentication (DCAU) flag. GT4 clients should not use this flag when communicating with the GridFTP.NET service. The GRIDFTP.NET client does not send the DCAU flag.



  1. No support for streaming of stdout/stderr - GRAM.NET clients cannot automatically display the stdout/stderr channels that a GT4 GRAM service can send. The GRAM.NET service also does not support streaming of these channels back to GT4 clients.
  2. No delegation - GRAM.NET service and client do not use a "delegation service" and therefore do not support credential delegation. GT4 clients should use the "-deleg none" flag when invoking a GRAM.NET service.
  3. No support for GT4 C client (GT4 java client works properly) - the GT4 C client does not work with the GRAM.NET service. The GT4 Java client should be used.