I started playing the piano from the age of three, but not professionally. It is not only a hobby, but a good way for me to relax!

There are some good practice modules in Old Cabell Hall @ UVa.


I love swimming, jogging, yoga...Exercising may be the only way to keep fit because there is a lot of delicious food waiting for me!

But I just found a more effective way to lose weight. Dive into PhD study, you must lose weight!


I have traveled to many beautiful places in China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, and also abroad (e.g., Canada, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maylasia, Singapore). Now I am enjoying the great sightseeing in the US!

The meaning of travel is not in the other, but in their own "body and mind, there must be a way to travel".

HanjieChen HanjieChen HanjieChen HanjieChen


  • Volunteer teaching in a poor mountain village, Guizhou, China, Summer 2012.

  • Volunteer for the Asian Youth Games, Nanjing, China, Summer 2013.

  • Volunteer for the USTC Summer Camp, Hefei, China, Summer 2015, 2016.

    HanjieChen HanjieChen

    My cat

    This is my cat Summer. I adopted him when he was only 10 weeks old. He is playful and so cute and sweet that I can't take my eyes off him! lol

    HanjieChen HanjieChen