Hanjie Chen

  Department of Computer Science

  University of Virginia

  Address: 208 Rice Hall, Charlottesville, Virginia 22904

  Email: hc9mx AT virginia DOT edu


I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science @ UVa, where I work with Prof. Yangfeng Ji in the NLP group. My research interests lie in Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and Interpretable Machine Learning.


  1. A Two-Dimensional Constellation Design Method for Visible Light Communications With Signal-Dependent Shot Noise
    Hanjie Chen, Zhengyuan Xu
    IEEE Communications Letters, Sept. 2018 [

  2. The Near-field Radiation Pattern of an OLED Panel and Its Application in Detection
    Rui Xu, Hanjie Chen, Zhengyuan Xu
    CSNDSP, July 2018 [PDF]

  3. A 51.6 Mbps Experimental VLC System Using a Monochromic Organic LED
    Hanjie Chen, Zhengyuan Xu, Qian Gao, Shangbin Li
    IEEE Photonics Journal, April 2018 [PDF]

  4. OLED Panel Radiation Pattern and Its Impact on VLC Channel Characteristics
    Hanjie Chen, Zhengyuan Xu
    IEEE Photonics Journal, April 2018 [PDF]

  5. Radiation Pattern Modeling of a Bent OLED Panel for Visible Light Communication
    Hanjie Chen, Zhengyuan Xu
    ACP, Nov. 2017 [PDF]

  6. Volterra-based Nonlinear Equalization for Nonlinearity Mitigation in Organic VLC
    Xiangyu Li, Hanjie Chen, Shangbin Li, Qian Gao, Chen Gong, Zhengyuan Xu
    IWCMC, June 2017 [PDF]

  7. A 1.9 Mbps OFDM-based All-organic Visible Light Communication System
    Hanjie Chen, Shangbin Li, Wenhai Li, Boyang Huang, Jing Xie, Guifang Dong, Zhengyuan Xu
    ICCS, Dec. 2016 [PDF]

  8. Squarylium and Rubrene Based Filterless Narrowband Photodetectors for an All-organic Two-channel Visible Light Communication System
    Wenhai Li, Shangbin Li, Lian Duan, Hanjie Chen, Liduo Wang, Guifang Dong, Zhengyuan Xu
    Organic Electronics, Oct. 2016 [PDF]


  • Excellent Graduates in Anhui Province, China (top 4%, 2018)
  • Outstanding Graduates Awards, USTC (2018)
  • National Scholarship for Graduate Students, USTC (top 3%, 2017)
  • Outstanding Student Scholarship, First Prize, USTC (2015, 2016, 2017)
  • National College Students' Mathematical Modeling Competition, Third Prize (2016)
  • Outstanding Graduates Awards, NUAA (2015)
  • CATIC Special Scholarship, NUAA (2014)
  • National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, Second Prize in Jiangsu Province (2014)
  • National Scholarship, NUAA (top 1%, 2013)
  • College Physics and Experimental Technology Contest, Third Prize in Jiangsu Province (2013)
  • First Prize of Excellent Student Scholarship, Merit Student Awards, NUAA (2012, 2013, 2014)

Academic Activities


  • AIML-Seminar@UVa, “How to Train a More Interpretable Neural Text Classifier?”, April 17, 2019, UVa.

  • Reviewer for NLPCC (2019)
  • Reviewer for CoNLL (2019)

Last updated: 6/2019