Exam 2, CS 3205, Spring 2017

(Version 1.  Last updated: April 6, 11am.)


The exam will be closed-book and no notes. It will be a mix of short answer and "writing questions", but it is likely that many of the questions will be concept or writing questions.

Important: As noted early in the class, part of your score will be based on how well you express your answers using the vocabulary and terminology as defined in HCI. For example, you may identify and describe a usability problem but not in the way that someone trained in HCI would talk about it -- you will not get full credit in this case.

What's covered:  Here are the readings and slides that the exam will cover.

Readings from the ID-book textbook (in the order studied in class):

Other Readings:

Topic Summary:

Below is an overview of topics from slides (only).

Unit 3: Conceptual Models and Metaphors