Info on Exam 3,  CS3205, Spring 2017

Clarification and updates will be posted here:

When:  The "normal" time to take Exam 3 in class will be during part of the final exam period, Thursday, May 4, 10am-noon, THN 303 (our normal classroom). It will be designed to be a roughly half the length of the previous two exams.  If you have an issue with taking it at the normal time, see the Collab announcement about this that was sent on Friday, April 28, and contact the instructor as soon as possible.
Format:   The exam will be closed-book and no notes. It will be a mix of short answer and "writing questions".

Important: As noted early in the class, part of your score will be based on how well you express your answers using the vocabulary and terminology as defined in HCI. For example, you may identify and describe a usability problem but not in the way that someone trained in HCI would talk about it -- you will not get full credit in this case.

What's covered: The exam will be only on material that was not covered on Exam 2, starting with the material in slide set "Detailed Design, Part 1". Below is a list of readings that match what's been discussed in class.


Here's a list of topics.  It's not guaranteed to be complete, but it's a good start to help you study your notes from class and assess what you know.