CS4240: Exam 3 Info

This document last updated on Weds., Dec. 7, at 3:29 1/2 pm.

The test will be given as take-home exam.  The instructor will explain how to get it, and you must turn it in to him or to the CS office in OLS 204 before Monday, Dec. 13, at 4:30pm.  (The CS office is open M-F, normal business hours.)

The Honor code will apply to Exam 3 as follows.  You will take it exactly as if it were being given in class: no books, notes, Web access, friends, etc.  You cannot talk to other students about it until after everyone has taken it.  You will time yourself and use no more than the time limit (which will be more than enough to complete it).   We expect you to follow these rules, and the Honor Code is what allows us to do this instead of having everyone stick around until the last day of the exam period.

Book Readings:
   Chapter 25 (7 pages)
Photocopies on the web site:
Web sites:
Patterns: Visitor, Model/View/Controller

All slides are found here at this link:  http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~horton/cs4240/slides/slides.html

By topic in order presented:

Listeners for events on components; how this reflect good design and/or design patterns

Definition; how modified for use by Swing components (only the basics of this, not specific on Swing classes)

Multi-threaded Programs and Java
Java classes and interfaces and why they exhibit good design: Runnable, Executor.
Concurrent data access: definitions, issues.  Use of keyword synchronized.
What a lock is and why used.  Java classes Semaphore and CountDownLatch: what they are, how they might be used.
No questions on Java code examples.

Visitor Design Pattern

Course Review
Read chapter 25 in the book which reflects back on what you've learned from the text.

There will be questions (perhaps 25% of the exam) on general topics on SW design or issues from previous exams (high-level, important issues; nothing requiring low-level detail; choices may be given)