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Call for Papers, Panels and Workshops


17th Conference on Software Engineering

Education & Training
(CSEE&T 2004)


Educating Software Engineers

to Face the Future's Challenges


Norfolk, Virginia (USA)               March 1-3, 2004



CSEE&T 2004 is sponsored by the IEEE­-Computer Society.

The conference will be co-located with SIGCSE 2004, March 3-7.


Software engineering educators face increasing challenges as the practice of software engineering continues to grow more complex. They must cover an increasing number of topics in a fixed time-period (such as a four-year degree program). Issues like security, reliability and usability are more important than ever. Employers want graduates who have development experience in complex architectures, such as embedded systems or distributed Web-based systems. Educators have always been challenged by how best to introduce software process-related issues, but now they must also choose among a growing number of different approaches to software process (such as PSP, TSP, agile methods).


After graduation, professional software engineers must also maintain their knowledge and skill sets to face the rapidly growing complexity of the field. Both corporate training organizations and universities must respond effectively to help professionals continue their education in order to maintain an effective work force.


Many educators are successfully facing these educational challenges. We welcome submissions that address topics related to how universities and professional organizations are meeting these challenges. We seek participants whose presentations will contribute to a set of "best educational practices" that have been implemented and evaluated for effectiveness. These best practices will assist other educators who seek effective and innovative ways to respond to the challenges facing them.


The following list of topics (which is not inclusive) address this theme:





You are invited to submit research papers or experience reports in the above and other areas of software engineering education and training. Submissions deadlines and other important dates are listed below.  In addition, we also solicit proposals for workshops, panel discussions and tutorials.




Submission Guidelines and Procedures:


Information on the conference Web site will describe procedures for submitting proposals, as well as submission format.  This information will be available by April 15, 2003.


Important Dates:




Conference Chair:            Thomas Horton, University of Virginia, USA (horton@virginia.edu)

Program Chair:              Ann Sobel, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA (sobelae@muohio.edu)