SEER: Charting a Roadmap for Software Engineering Education


CSEE&T 2004 Workshop Proposal


Donald J. Bagert

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology



SEER workshop website:




       This past decade has seen a number of innovative, pioneering projects related to the development of software engineering both as a profession and as an academic discipline.  However, most of these projects either are complete or projected for completion by the end of 2003, and it is unclear as to what the software engineering education community should be doing next to build on this work.  This half-day workshop would bring together the different stakeholders in software engineering education to discuss this topic, and to outline a Software Engineering Education Roadmap (SEER) which could provide needed direction for the software engineering education community over the next several years.  A website for SEER would be used to start the discussion before the workshop, and both disseminate the roadmap formulated by the participants and continue the dialog after it.


       The exact format of the three-hour workshop will be decided from the responses to the SEER website.  It is likely that there will be a brief (15 minute maximum) introduction, and then break into interest groups (e.g. licensing and certification, relationship between CS and SE) for the remainder of the first 90-minute session.  (The interest groups will be defined in advance, and participants which may include conference attendees that have not been part of the SEER website discussion - can be part of any group that they want.)  Under this format, the final 90 minutes would go as follows:


·           30 minutes for the interest group to prepare for a presentation to all workshop participants,

·           45 minutes (as one group) for brief presentations and discussion among everyone in the workshop, and

·           15 minutes to finalize action items concerning the formulation of the roadmap coming out of the workshop.