Software Engineering Course Module Development Workshop



Gregory W. Hislop
Drexel University



Thomas B. Hilburn, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Gregory W. Hislop, Drexel University

Michael J. Lutz, Rochester Institute of Technology

W. Michael McCracken, Georgia Institute of Technology

Mark J. Sebern, Milwaukee School of Engineering


Overview and Learning Objectives


As the number of baccalaureate programs in software engineering increases, problems have become apparent in university infrastructure, faculty development, and lack of supporting educational materials. SWENET, A Web-based Community for Software Engineering Education, is a project created to address these issues, most especially the lack of supporting educational materials.

As software engineering educators, we are all too aware of how difficult it is to start from scratch. In particular, the lack of examples, teaching materials, and exercises can significantly impede the inclusion of software engineering concepts into undergraduate courses. Our primary goal in developing SWENET is to make it easier for other educators to find materials they can use.

Our initial focus is a subset of software engineering areas that are central to professional technical competence and commonly emphasized in undergraduate programs. Within each area there are modules on specific topics, with each module supplemented by adaptable support materials. The modules are self-contained, and typically cover one to six lecture hours of material. The supporting resources are key to our approach, as these are exactly the materials that are difficult to create.


In this half-day workshop participants will be able to:


The SWENET project is supported by NSF Grant EEC-0080502