NSF #1049947 GENI Experiments on Pervasive Data Sharing over Heterogeneous Networks (PI)

Data sharing methods have been studied separately in different types of networks, such as P2Ps, MANETs, and WSNs. Little research, however, has investigated pervasive data sharing across heterogeneous networks due to a lack of infrastructure or testbeds to test these ideas. This project will develop, deploy, execute, and analyze a series of data sharing architectures for P2P systems, MANETs, WSNs, and a federated solution across the heterogeneous networks in GENI. In particular, it will investigate: (1) the performance of individual data sharing systems on GENI, (2) the challenges related to achieving pervasive data sharing across heterogeneous networks, and (3) how the different networks can synergistically leverage each others' advantages. The proposed project creates a unified paradigm to study a variety of research areas. The artifacts and results stemming from this work will serve as a catalyst for future work in different computing domains.