This is the course website for CS 4501: Information Retrieval.

Instructor: Hongning Wang
Lecture time and place: Monday/Wednesday 5:00pm-6:15pm, Olsson Hall 120
Contact Info: Piazza
Office Hour: Lecturer: Monday/Wednesday 4:00pm-5:00pm, Rice Hall 408; TA: Tuesday/Thursday 2:00pm-3:00pm, Rice Hall 414.
Class Calendar: Google Calendar


December 1: Lecture slides for "Learning to Rank" have been posted.
November 29: Lecture slides for "Link Analysis" have been posted.
November 16: Lecture slides for "Modeling implicit feedback & Click modeling" have been posted.
November 8: Lecture slides for "Relevance Feedback" have been posted.
November 2: Solutions for midterm exam have been posted.
November 2: Instructions for course projects have been posted.
October 27: Lecture slides for "Modern Retrieval Evaluations" have been posted.
October 11: Lecture slides for "Classical Information Retrieval Evaluation" have been posted.
October 11: HW2 for "Basic Concepts about Probability and Linear Algebra" has been posted. September 29: Lecture slides for "Language Models" have been posted.
September 22: Lecture slides for "Probabilistic ranking principle" have been posted.
September 20: Lecture slides for "Latent Semantic Indexing" have been posted.
September 20: MP1 for "Getting Familiar with Text Processing" have been posted, and it is due on October 2nd, Friday, 11:55pm.
September 13: Lecture slides for "Boolean & Vector Space Models" have been posted.
September 7: Lecture slides for "Inverted Index" have been posted.
September 3: Homework 1 has been posted and it is due on September 11th, 11:59pm.
September 1: Lecture slides for "Web crawler and basic text processing techniques" have been posted.
August 31: Lecture slides for "Search Engine Architecture" have been posted.
August 26: Course policy and lecture content of "Introduction to Information Retrieval" have been posted.
August 23: TA office hour has been set to Tuesday/Thursday 2:00pm-3:00pm at Rice Hall 414. August 22: Welcome Lin Gong, Qingyun Wu and Md Mustafizur Rahman as our TAs for this class. July 26: Please enroll our Piazza course page before the first week of this class. All our course announcements will be made through Piazza.
July 26: The course syllabus has been released.