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Advance Program

The International Symposium on Physical Design provides a new and high-quality forum for the exchange of ideas and results in critical areas related to the physical design of VLSI systems. The Symposium is an outgrowth of the ACM/SIGDA Physical Design Workshops held during the years 1987-1996. Its scope includes all aspects of physical design, from interactions with behavior- and logic-level synthesis, to back-end performance analysis and verification.

This year's inaugural Symposium focuses on the challenges of high-performance deep-submicron design, as well as the necessary interactions between physical design and higher-level synthesis tasks. An outstanding slate of technical papers has been selected for oral and poster presentation. These developments are complemented by invited presentations that set forth the contexts and visions for key areas -- process technology, system architecture, circuit design and design methodology -- with an emphasis on their implications for relevant R&D in physical design. The Symposium concludes with a panel of leading experts who each present their unique perspectives as to the critical R&D needs of the field.

Monday, April 14

0830-0840 Chairs' Welcome

A. B. Kahng and M. Sarrafzadeh

0840-1010 Keynote Address

1010-1030 Break

1030-1230 Session 1: Placement and Partitioning


D. Hill (Synopsys)
J. Frankle (Aristo Technology)
1230-1430 Lunch (Speaker) 1430-1600 Session 2: Synthesis and Layout


R. Camposano (Synopsys)
C. Sechen (Washington)
1600-1630 Break

1630-1830 Session 3: Contexts (Invited)

1900-2100 Dinner (Speaker)

Tuesday, April 15

0830--1000 Session 4: Routing


T. S. Moh (Silicon Valley Research)
D. F. Wong (UT-Austin)
1000--1030 Break

1030--1200 Session 5: Steiner Tree Constructions


M. Marek-Sadowska (UCSB)
N. Sherwani (Intel)
1200--1330 Lunch

1330--1500 Session 6: Back-End Design Methodology


C.-K. Cheng (UCSD)
M. Weisel (Intel)
1500--1545 Session 7: Poster Presentations


G. Robins (Virginia)
J. D. Cho (SungKyunKwan)
1545--1715 Session 8: Poster Session

Authors display and discuss one-on-one the posters presented in Poster Presentation session.

1900--2200 Banquet

Wednesday, April 16

0830--1000 Session 9: Performance Optimization


W.-M. Dai (UCSC)
L. Jones (Motorola)
1000--1030 Break

1030--1230 Session 10: Design Methodology Futures (Invited)

1230--1430 Lunch (Speaker)

1430--1700 Session 11: Core Directions (or, Do The Right Thing) (Invited)

1700 Symposium Closes


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