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ACM Copyright Procedures

TO: Authors Submitting Papers for Publication by ACM

FROM: ACM Director of Publications

SUBJECT: ACM Copyright Procedures

Thank you for submitting a paper for publication by ACM, Inc. ACM's publications are read throughout the world, and we must deal with requests for reprinting, republishing, redistributing, digitizing, posting to servers, translating, anthologizing, and other actions. It is the policy of ACM to own the copyrights on its technical publications to protect the interests of ACM, its Authors and their employers, and at the same time to facilitate the appropriate reuse of this material by others. United States Copyright Law requires that the transfer of copyright of each contribution from the Author to ACM be confirmed in writing. It is necessary that Authors sign either Part A or Part B of the ACM Copyright Form and return it with the manuscript to the address on the Form (see Revised ACM Interim Copyright Policy, sections 2.1, 4.1, 4.2). If you are employed and you prepared your paper as part of your job, the rights to your paper may initially rest with your employer. In that case, when you sign the ACM Copyright Transfer Form, we assume you are authorized to do so by your employer. If not, it should be signed by someone so authorized.

For jointly authored papers, an original signature is required from one (assumed senior) Author only. However, we assume all Authors have been advised and have consented to the terms of this Form. Authors who are U.S. government employees and/or whose papers are not copyrightable as part of certain Government contract work, are not required to sign Part A, but all co-authors outside the Government contract are. Part B of the Form is to be used instead of Part A only if any or all Authors are U.S. Government employees and they prepared the paper as part of their job, or the work is an uncopyrightable product of a Government contract.

ACM Authors have all the rights scientific authors have historically enjoyed, including the right to present orally the submitted or similar material in any form; the right to reuse in future works of the Author's own with notice and credit to ACM; the right to republish in any form of media with notice and credit to ACM, in works published by the employer or for the employer's internal business purposes; the right to reproduce and distribute for peer review in reasonable quantities (see Revised ACM Interim Copyright Policy, sections 3, 5.3); and all proprietary rights other than copyright. Although it is not part of ACM's policy to grant Authors or their organizations the sole right to approve permissions for republishing by third parties, ACM always seeks the approval of its Authors, for jointly authored papers the first-named (assumed senior) Author only, in weighing such requests. This is done as a matter of professional courtesy.


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