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Instructions for Submitting the Electronic Version of Your Paper for CDROM Proceedings on Compendium 1997


SIGDA will publish a 1997 Compendium CDROM which will include the Proceedings of this Symposium. In order for your paper to be included in the CDROM Proceedings, you must submit an electronic version of your paper. You are strongly encouraged to submit your electronic version in PostScript form since the CDROM Proceedings will be composed of PostScript page images. Further instructions and guidelines are below.

What to Submit

If you can prepare a PostScript file of your entire paper, you should submit two files. The file names should include your session number of your paper(s) and the paper number within the session (n), separated by an underline, and the appropriate suffix describing the contents of the file (e.g., if your paper is the second paper in Session 8A, or 8A.2, then s=8A and n=2, and the filename should be for a PostScript file). Note the lower case letter, and the use of an underline instead of a hyphen.

(1) <s_n>.rea: a readme text file containing the title, author names, their affiliations, and your email address. Please also specify how you generated the PostScript file.

(2) <s_n>.ps: PostScript file of the entire paper. We strongly recommend that you specify standard Adobe fonts, such as Times Roman, Courier, Helvetica, and Symbol for the entire paper, including mathematics. It is very important that you generate your PostScript file using Type-1 (Adobe) fonts. Non-Adobe fonts do not show well on the computer terminal and paint the screen slowly!

In case you cannot produce the PostScript file of the entire paper, you may submit the electronic version of your paper in one of the following formats:

(a) Separate PostScript files for the main text and the figures (PostScript files for figures should be named as <s_n>.ps1, <s_n>.ps2, ...)

(b) Input file(s) to your word processor (Latex, Troff, Framemaker, MS Word, etc.). Use the paper number as the file name and the appropriate suffix for your word processor. Be sure to include any nonstandard macro definitions so we can duplicate the appearance of your paper as closely as possible.

(c) a plain text file of your paper. Use the file name .txt.

In these cases, you should give detailed specifications in the 'readme' file about the type of word processor you used, the macro packages you used, the organization of the paper, and how you generated the complete paper. We shall try our best to include your paper in the CD-ROM Proceedings, but we cannot guarantee its appearance to your satisfaction.

If you do not know the session number of your paper, you may use any other identifying name (e.g., the paper number from the review process, the primary author's name, etc.). Please use lower case for your file names.

How to Submit

You may choose one of the following three ways of submitting your files. If you can submit more than one way, we prefer ftp.

  1. Use ftp to transfer your files
    ftp (or ftp
    User name: ispd97
    Password: napawine
    cd ispd97 (to change directory)
    put [your files] (to transfer your files)

    At about midnight US Eastern Standard Time (EST) your files will be moved to a different directory "[ispd97_arch]" for safety. You will only be able to list the files in that directory to verify that we have them. (Note that kona is down 3am-6am EST Monday to Friday for backups.)

    If you have any difficulties during ftp, send email to . (NOTE: this account is to help you to submit your files for the CD-ROM publication. This is NOT the general email address for ISPD.)

  2. e.mail your files to and please specify the file names (described above) in the subject line.

  3. express (by mail or, preferably courier service) a floppy disk containing your files to the following address

        Kathy Preas
        ISPD97 on CD-ROM
        151 Cowper Street
        Palo Alto, CA 94301   USA

(Note that this is *not* the address for submission of your camera-ready version for hardcopy proceedings). The floppy disk should be in either Unix tar-file format, or PC-DOS format, or Macintosh format. On the floppy disk label, please specify the machine type, operating system, and file names (described above).

When to Submit

The DEADLINE for submitting postscript is the SAME as the deadline for arrival of your camera-ready hardcopy, namely, March 1, 1997. Both deadlines are HARD deadlines!

Tips for Authors

In past Proceedings on CD-ROM, we have noted some problems which result in either unusable files or files which do not show up on the screen well. Most of these problems are related to the fonts used in the papers. It is highly recommended that you preview how your paper will look. You can do this by viewing your PostScript file with a PostScript viewer, such as GhostScript or PageView. Also, if you have a PostScript printer available, print your .ps file. If you cannot print it, then we probably will have trouble processing it. It is very important that you use standard Adobe fonts, if at all possible. Even though other fonts will look fine over the PostScript viewer, when the files are distilled into PDF files (for viewing using Acrobat Reader on PCs, Macs, and some UNIX platforms), non-Adobe fonts are extremely difficult to read on the screen.

IMPORTANT: More information about fonts can be found on the SIGDA page of the World Wide Web:, then go to the link for SIGDA Publications on CD-ROM, and follow the links for instructions for electronic submission.

Drawings included in the .ps files have also been a source of unusable papers. We have noted difficulties in files in which the figures have been generated using MacDraw, Frame and xfig. If you use these drawing programs, please preview your PostScript file. You may want to send several versions of your paper - a .ps file containing text and figures, and then separate files for text and each figure. If you have concerns or questions, please contact Kathy Preas, as indicated below.

Finally, check that the page order within your file is correct. We receive quit a few files that have the pages of the paper in reverse order. In those cases, we must ask the author to resubmit the file.

For More Information

Please contact Kathy Preas for any additional information:

     Tel:  1-415-325-0848        
     Fax:  1-415-325-1106

Thank you very much for your cooperation.


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