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Guidelines and Pertinent Information for Submission of Paper for ISPD-97

Dear Author:

Below are the guidelines and pertinent information for submission of your paper(s) for the 1997 International Symposium on Physical Design. Final manuscript must be received NO LATER THAN MARCH 1st, 1997. If your manuscript is not received by then, your paper will not be published in the proceedings.

It is of particular importance that you leave sufficient space in the lower left corner of the first column on the first page for ACM to fill in the copyright information. There is a 6 page maximum on your paper. It is possible to use one or two extra pages with the consent of the Program Chair.

Please submit camera-ready copy (produced on a high-resolution output device) of your manuscript on 8 1/2" x 11" paper following the format below:

2 column:

Font:                                 English Times or Times Roman
Point Size:                           9 pt.
Spacing between lines:                10 pt.
Column width:                         3.33"
2 column gutter:                      0.33"
Left and Right Margin:                from edge .75"
Top margin:                           0.75"
Bottom margin                         1.00"
Copyright space on 1st page:          lower left column 1"

The ACM copyright form MUST be signed and returned with your paper. ACM will not publish any paper that is not accompanied by a signed copyright form! In those cases where there is more than one author per paper, only the first-named (assumed senior) author need sign.

The full ACM Copyright policy, revised as of November 15, 1995, is available via

Please Federal Express or mail your paper and signed copyright form so that it is received by Prof. Majid Sarrafzadeh (Technical Program Chair) by SATURDAY, MARCH 1, 1997. The paper and copyright form should be sent to:

	Prof. Majid Sarrafzadeh
	Department of Electrical and
	Computer Engineering
	Northwestern University
	2145 Sheridan Road
	Evanston, IL  60208 USA
	Tel. 1-847-491-7378 / Fax 1-847-467-4144


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