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Campus-Wide Stats Collector

The VCGR has begun deploying a statistics collector on machines across the grounds of the University of Virginia. Written by a graduate student at UVa, Howie Huang, the goal of the statistics collector is to collect raw data on usage patterns for a variety of computer resources across a wide area. The collector monitors the following stats (to name a few):

  • CPU physical properties
  • CPU load
  • Disk space total
  • Disk space currently available
  • Physical memory total
  • Physical memory currently available

The data collected is stored in a database which will be used for several purposes and will be made available to the research community at large as well as UVa IT staff. First, it will be used by VCGR to support grid research initiatives. In particular, Howie Huang is studying the possibility of scavenging unused disk space across large collections of machines to provide a huge networked storage (multiple terabytes) area for large projects. The statistics will provide raw data on the feasibility of creating such a system in an environment like UVa while also providing information to determine what is needed to construct such a system that can meet specified performance and reliability standards. For example, the uptime and availability statistics will help determine how many copies of data are required to reach a certain availability rate. Second, the data will provide information for UVA's IT staff to help fine tune procurement and allocation decisions.

The collector will be rolled out campus-wide in late Summer 05 - thanks to the IT staff at UVa - and information collection will begin in earnest. Check back here in the future as we plan to start displaying some of the results of this work as we gather more stats.

Contact Information

Howie Huang: (Email: hh4z ... at ... virginia ... dot ... edu)

University of Virginia Department of
 Computer Science
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