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Photos from some of the exotic lands I've visited...
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Monument Valley, AZ (August 1994)

Page Layout:

To avoid clobbering users with tons of big nasty GIFs all at once I've broken up my pictures into a few more easily digestable pieces.

Recent Journeys - newer pictures from my latest exploits.

Less Recent Journeys - pictures that you may have already seen if you've been here before.

Themes - pictures broken down by various themes (e.g. national parks).

Best Of - my all-time favorite pictures. Go here for a whirlwind tour (More to come soon).

There is significant overlap across some categories, so don't be surprised if there are repeats. Most of the small low resolution pictures have a big brother higher resolution picture which you can view by clicking on it.


Feel free to print out and copy these pictures all you want as long as you don't use them for profit-making ventures (not that I really believe that anyone could make a profit from them). If you do like them or plan to use them, send me a note - it's always nice to have positive feedback. Enjoy!

Recent Trips:

Southwest US - September 1996 (mostly done - needs Saguaro pictures)

San Francisco/Yosemite - June 1996

Southern Cal/Nevada/Arizona - February 1996

Less Recent Trips:

Southwest US - August 1994 (not implemented yet)

Northwest/Northcentral US - July 1992 (not implemented yet)

San Francisco and Central California - June 1989 (not implemented yet)

Maine Coast - August 1988 (not implemented yet)

Europe - All Over! - June-July 1988 (not implemented yet)

Various Themes:
U.S. National Parks (not implemented yet)

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