Arches National Park - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Three Gossips at Arches National Park

About the Park/My Experiences:

My impression of Arches National Park is that it is very red. Most of the park consists of exposed red sandstone which has been tortured by the elements (mostly wind) into a variety of unusual, occasionally bizarre, shapes. Some of the more notable formations include the Fiery Furnace, Devils Garden, Balanced Rock, Windows, Double Arch, and perhaps the most famous of them all, Delicate Arch. Most of the popular stuff is very accessible by car. Delicate Arch is somewhat of an exception. If you want to see it close up, it's about a 2 mile hike. An alternative (which we took) is go to the car accessible overlook located about a 1/2 mile or so away from the arch and view it from there across the gorge separating the two places.

My lone trip to Arches was part of my Arizona/Utah trip in the summer of '94. It was a typical summer day for the park - hot with condidtions ranging from bright sun to brief periods of rain. The park is small enough (the main park road is only about 17 miles long) that we covered basically everything we wanted to, including a couple of short hikes in one day. Because you can cover most of the park in a half day or so and because it is a truely unique place, I highly recommend stopping at Arches if you are ever in the area.

Three Gossips


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