Hoover Dam


The Hoover Dam (or Boulder Dam if you prefer) project was part of the New Deal program to create jobs during the Depression while improving the infrastructure of the country. Whether you agree with the New Deal policies or not, the Hoover Dam is truely a marvel of modern technology (I'd rank it above the Empire State Building in technological prowess). The Hoover Dam forces the mighty Colorado River to slow down a spell and to gather in Lake Mead, a deep and completely man-made lake. The electricity produced by the power plant housed in the dam is carried to far away lands - in fact more than half of the electricity is diverted towards Southern California and the Los Angeles area (200 or more miles away).

Anyway, I took the official Hoover Dam Tour where you get to travel down into the bowels of the dam/power plant and it was pretty cool. This picture was taken from the bottom of the dam looking upwards while the tour was outside of the electricity power plant on the Arizona side, right by the river outlet. The picture does not quite do justice to the size of the structure - it's over 600 feet tall and some incredible number of tons of concrete.

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