Eastern Sierras at Night

This is my favorite picutre from this particular trip. I shot it from Lone Pine, CA on February 27, 1996 from the driveway of the farm in the foreground. The night was very clear and cold with a nearly full moon lighting the mountains. To get this shot I had to partially climb a barbed wire fence to rest the camera on a fence post (I don't currently have a tripod). I guessed at the exposure and took one at 30 seconds and one at 8 seconds. This picture was the result of the 30 second exposure and shows a lot more details than could be seen with the naked eye (for example the blowing snow off the peaks was not visible). A bit to the right of center, you can see the constellation Orion hovering above the peaks, including the Orion Nebula which surrounds the middle star in Orion's sword.

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