Lighthouse at Point Loma


February seems to be about the only time that the weather in San Diego is not perfect. On this particular day the weather was really wild, varying from warm sunlit skies to cold, wind-blown rain in a matter of minutes. This picture was taken over a security fence that I'm not so sure I should have scaled. In between the rain drops and looking over my shoulder for park rangers I took this picture. This whole area (Point Loma and Cabrillo National Monument) is a really nice surprise within the city limits of San Diego. The top of Point Loma has a commanding view of most of the city, especially the harbor and naval bases. During WWII it's strategic value was recognized and several gun batteries were developed including two or three 16 inch gun batteries of the same kind carried aboard the Iowa class battleships. Anyway, we're here to talk about lighthouses... this one was very nice, especially the palm trees - nice touch. This light house is one of two on Point Loma. This one is the Coast Guard lighthouse along the beach, while the other sits atop the hill (in Cabrillo N. M.)

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