Tuolumne Meadows at Dusk


Like most other tourists that come to Yosemite National Park , I spent most of my time on my first two trips exploring the main valley. Certainly, you can't regret doing that. However, a friend who used to live in the area told me that he actually preferred the meadow country in the highlands of the park. So, with light fading on me after spending too much time hiking up to Nevada Falls, I frantically sped up Tioga Pass Road to catch a glimpse of the "other" side of the park. I must say I was impressed. Unlike the main valley, it's almost deserted up there, which is a nice change. It's also beautiful as this picture inadequately shows. The pass is so high in the mountains that the road is only open for about 4 months a year - in fact, it had just opened a few days before I got there in early June. Definitely will have to devote more time to this area next time.

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