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University of Virginia
Computer Engineering Program
Office: Rice Hall 324
Email: jh3wn[at]virginia[dot]edu

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"Fortune favors the bold."

Jiawei (Jarvis) Huang

Ph.D. Student
Charles L. Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering &
Department of Computer Science

University of Virginia


I graduated from UVA in May 2012. I am now working at NVIDIA in the mobile power architecture group. You can still reach me at my UVA email.

I received my B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2006. Since then, I have been a graduate student in the Computer Engineering program at the University of Virginia. My adviser is Prof. John Lach.

My primary research area is Efficiency-Quality Tradeoff through Imprecise Computation. Many real-world applications are constrained by power, area or performance (efficiency) but can tolerate certain degree of quality degredation. For example, it is sometimes difficult to implement a complex image processing algorithm at a rate to process a video stream in real time. However, if we allow the algorithm to occassional produce inaccurate results or to perform approximate computation, the performance requirement can likely be met.

Sacrificing correctness might not sound appealing to many people, however if we think carefully about the intended use of many applications, do they really need to be THAT accurate? Take human-interacting applications for example. If an error is not discernible by human percecption, why should we design the hw to always operate correctly? If an approximate design produces error unrecognizeable by humans but at a much lower implementation cost, isn't it a better choice?

My focus is to develop a methodology to optimize the efficiency metrics of a HW design given a set of quality constraints. Although efficiency-quality tradeoff can be achieved in both HW and SW level, I believe HW provides more flexibility in terms of the number of tuneable knobs, less overhead and usually yields a better design than SW.

Latest News
2012 December ISCAS paper "Balancing Adder for Error Tolerant Applications" was accpeted.
  June Joined NVIDIA full-time.
  June 3-7 Presented my paper at Design Automation Conference (DAC).
  May 30 Arrived at San Francisco.
  May 21 Began a cross-country roadtrip from Charlottesville, VA to San Francisco, CA.
  May 20 Received my Ph.D. degree.
  May 7 Gave an invited talk on Imprecise Hardware at Intel Lab in Hillsboro, OR.
 April Received Louis T. Rader Graduate Research Award.
   Hosted a LaTeX workshop in Rice Hall Auditorium. [video]
   Successfully defended dissertation.
 March Journal paper "A Circuit Design Methodology for Efficiency-Quality Tradeoffs Using Imprecise Hardware" was submitted to TCAD.
 February Paper "A Methodology for Energy-Quality Tradeoff Using Imprecise Hardware" got accepted at DAC'2012.
2011 December Visited NYC for the third time.
   Visited Pittsburgh, PA for the first time.
 September Bought a 2008 Subaru Forrester.

Last updated: Jan 2013

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