I am a PhD candidate at Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia. I am now involved with Real-Time and Embedded Systems Laboratory, working with Professor Kamin Whitehouse. My research focuses on embedded and networked sensor systems, wireless networking, cyber physical systems, and internet of things. I am broadly interested in computer networks, distributed systems, cloud computing, and operating systems.

Before joining UVa, I received my B.E. with honors from Tongji University majoring in Computer Science, and took Finance from Fudan University as my minor.

I have finished my Ph.D. in Decemeber 2011.

As always, I'm enthusiastic about applying novel technologies to real-world problems. Please feel free to contact me for any interesting opportunity.
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Email: jl9jb at (most reliable) | jklu at (should still work)
Phone: {0x40B54B058>>2 in decimal}

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