Meng, Jiayuan

I am currently an Argonne Scholar at Argonne National Laboratory's Leadership Computing Facility Division. I received my Ph.D. from Department of Computer Science in University of Virginia in Aug. 2010. My research focus is computer architecture and high performance computing. I am also interested in graphics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.               Contact me




Fractal: Streaming CMP Architecture Simulator

MV5: A Reconfigurable Simulator for Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures

Advised by Prof. Kevin Skadron.

[a patch for M5 that supports multithreading in SE mode, directory coherence, and inteconnects (2D meshes)]

Characterizing on Parallel Applications:

Advised by Dr. Dee Weikle

Shaping with Patterns:

Course project on Jason Lawrence's class Data Driven Models in Computer Graphics in Fall, 2006.

[report] [src code(not documented yet)]

Non-Parametric Texture Synthesize:

Implemented during Jason Lawrence's class Data Driven Models in Computer Graphics in Fall, 2006.

Using Markov Random Field possibility theory to grow a new texture from a 3 by 3 "seed" from the original texture. The new texture will resemble the original texture.

[Efros and Leung]

Image Analogies:

Implemented during the Jason Lawrence's class Data Driven Models in Computer Graphics in Fall, 2006.


 Poisson Editting 

Implemented during the Jason Lawrence's class Data Driven Models in Computer Graphics in Fall, 2006.

[perez 2003]

Key Feature Matching

Implemented during the Jason Lawrence's class Data Driven Models in Computer Graphics in Fall, 2006.

Using SIFT to find the scale and rotation invariant key points.

[Lowe 2004]

AmberBBV: [AmberBBV main page]

Supervised by Prof. Kevin Skadron and Dr. Dee Weikle. Here I am building a tool to capture the basic block vectors at run time according to the traces of PowerPC applications captured by amber. This is an amber plug-in using amber externel library. 

Micro-architecture independent characterizing on Game applications:

Supervised by Prof. Kevin Skadron and Dr. Dee Weikle. Using micro-architecture independent characteristics to evaluate games such as WarCraft 3, Doom 2 and a ray tracer PBRT.  Published as TR CS-2007-04

Fluid Simulation with a Multigrid PDE Solver on GPU

 Mark Harris has wrote a Fluid Simulation on a 2D grid. This small project tries to extend it by using multi-grid PDE solver on GPU.

download code (code may not work if GPU don't have enough support)

video: [no viscosity] [low viscosity] [high viscosity] [vector fields]

GPU implementation of Light-Field Photography:

Supervised by Prof. Kevin Skadron, Dr. Dee Weikle, and Prof. Greg Humphreys. Ren Ng and Mark Levoy have published the idea of the light field camera using microlens arrays. This implementation trys to accelerate the computation by using SSE2, graphics hardware, and Cell Broad Band Engine(PlayStation3 processor). It can run 35 fps for a 4096*4096 lightfield image, user can browse different depth at real time.

[tech report]  code for: [CBE] [GPU][SSE]

Game Engine:

Course project in the coarse Real Timer Rendering on Spring, 2006  taught by Prof. David Luebke. This is a joint project together with Jiajun Zhu and Kevin Dale.We were focusing on the rendering engine.

(download video high|low)

Virtual Creature: This is a course project together with Jiajun Zhu for Intro Graphics in Fall, 2005 taught by Prof. Greg Humphreys. The key technique used here is artificial neural network and genetic programming.  It tries to reproduce Karl Sims' work about "Evolved Virtual Creatures". Can't believe it that the creature got evolved just 2 days before the Demo! Life is a miracle!

[html](Youtube)(download video high | low , video for brain structure: brain )

High-Resolution Display Wall

This is my senior thesis project under the supervision of Prof. Jiaoying Shi and Prof. Hai Lin in Zhejiang University. Using 5*3 distributed PCs each with a projector, display a large high-resolution image on the screen seamlessly.

This work has been published. See:

[Download pdf]



Workshop Organization



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2006 High-Resolution Image Viewing on Projection-based Tiled Display Wall J. Meng, H. Lin, and J. Shi. Proceedings of SPIE on Electronic Imaging 2006


2010: UVA Award for Excellence in Scholarship in the Sciences & Engineering

2009 - 2010: NVIDIA PhD Fellowship

2002 - Now:  Melton Fellow

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