CGO Paper Wins Best Paper Award!

Our paper “Compiling For Niceness: Mitigating Contention for QoS in Warehouse Scale Computers” won the Best Paper Award at this year’s CGO Conference. Fantastic News.

Work from ISCA Recognized as Excellent Paper from 2011 by Google

Our paper, “The Impact of Memory Subsystem Resource Sharing on Datacenter Applications” from ISCA 2011 has been recognized as one of 2011′s excellent papers by Google’s official research blog. Check it out on Google’s Research Blog.

Work selected as HPCA 2012 “Best Papers from Computer Architecture Letters!”

My paper “Heterogeneity in “Homogeneous” Warehouse-Scale Computers: A Performance Opportunity” is one of three papers selected for a special session at HPCA 2012 for the “Best CAL papers of 2011.” I look forward to presenting this work at the conference.

Paper Selected for IEEE MICRO Top Picks 2012

I’m happy to announce that my paper “Bubble-Up: Increasing Utilization in Modern Warehouse Scale Computers via Sensible Co-locations” has been selected for the 2012 IEEE Micro Top Picks. My paper was one of 12 papers selected out of 77 papers published at top venues for computer architecture in 2011. Thats an acceptance rate of 15%.

Recent Grant Proposal Funded!! ($70k)

My recent proposal to this round of Google research grants was funded, entitled:  ”A Performance Aware re-Design of Modern Cloud Platforms”

Thanks Google!

Recent paper selected as spotlight feature!

My recent publication “Heterogeneity in “Homogeneous” Warehouse-Scale Computers: A Performance Opportunity” in the most recent publication of the “Computer Architecture Letters” (going to press now) has been selected as the “Spotlight Feature” by the editorial board. This is a fantastic honor.

See for more details.

Here is a link to the paper.

Excellent words on google blog, thank you Robert

there has been an official google blog post about me and my mentor robert hundt. thank you robert for the kind words. i’ve placed an excerpt below. you can find it here:

“Given the high expectations we have for our interns, it’s no surprise to me that one of our most successful interns, Jason Mars, is a recipient of an esteemed Google Fellowship. A three-time returning intern, Jason brought great levels of enthusiasm, creativity, problem solving and problem finding skills to our team, and kept us all on our toes by challenging assumptions and the status quo. He has written half a dozen conference and workshop papers and has built relationships with many people, not just at Google, but throughout Silicon Valley. Jason is well on his way to become a renowned expert in datacenter performance and contention issues. I am very proud of him and grateful to be part of his journey. I believe I may have learned as much from him, with his limitless energy and technical creativity, as he has learned during his time at Google. Lastly, and most importantly, I have won a friend.” – robert hundt

CGO 2012 website is live, and has a new look!

i’ve just finished the first version of the new cgo 2012 website, and it has a new look compared to prior years. being web chair has been a delightful experience thus far and i’m sure next year’s cgo will be the best yet! check out the website here:

Part of the organizing team for CGO 2012

i am happy to be a part of the organizing team for the 2012 International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO). my official title is web chair so expect a fantastic webpage for next year’s CGO. CGO 2012 will be held in sunny san jose, california!

CGO is a top tier venue for works involving compilers, runtime systems, static/dynamic analysis, and hardware/software co-design, among others. be sure to get your best submissions ready, the call for papers will be out soon!

Invited to speak at stanford

i’ve been invited to give a talk about my research to the epic group at stanford. my talk is entitled “Attacking Rigidness and Cross-layer Oblivion in the Cloud.” my talk will be held somewhere in the gates building from 1pm to 2pm today (march 29th 2011). this is going to be fuuunnnnn.