The Brilliant Melissa Harris-Perry

She’s so much more of an intellectual than one would think from watching her on MSNBC.


the beginning of the end of the us world power?

i hope not. democracy can’t work without sufficient education and knowledge of history.



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a funny about ikea

nice one canary pete, (thanks for the source freddy!)

a great program

we need more…

dead in the water

Facebook today announced they will be rolling out Skype integration. But as noted by SAI, “Facebook feature offers only one to one calls, just like regular Skype.” While, Google’s Hangout allows up to 10 users on a single video chat.

Nice try Facebook, but… no.

xkcd’s coverage of google+

ain’t it the truth :-P.

first reactions to google+

interesting: (thanks

goodbye facebook, hello google+

facebook needs to start pooping themselves right… about… now! as of today i’ve called it, facebook will die a slow painful death, or, maybe they’ll release a completely new facebook instantiation that is significantly different and better than what they have now. i believe the former is more likely. intuition: people will not switch immediately, but will have both facebook and google+ accounts for a while, and as their google+ network grows they will use facebook less and less. the transition will probably take a few months. (similar to what happened to myspace) bold claims you say? here’s why: