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About me, in a nutshell

Update: I’m on the job market for faculty positions.

I’ve been self funded through fellowships for my grad student career.

As such, I’ve been fortunate enough to identify and navigate my own research problems and path.

I’ve raised $285,000 in additional grant funding across 4 research proposals of which I was the primary author.

I am entirely the product of great mentorship. (thank you Mary Lou Soffa, Robert Hundt, Naveen Kumar, and all others)

I’ve authored/co-authored 20 research papers appearing in refereed venues, but its not about quantity, the gems are noted in the selected publications section.

To say I’m passionate about research and other intellectual adventures would be an understatement.

I also write music, as “Mars Complex.” (check ITunes)

I explore, investigate, learn and teach.

The best is yet to come…


“The great scientists, when an opportunity opens up, get after it and they pursue it. They drop all other things. They get rid of other things and they get after an idea because they had already thought the thing through. Their minds are prepared; they see the opportunity and they go after it. Now of course lots of times it doesn’t work out, but you don’t have to hit many of them to do some great science!” – Richard Hamming