the ieee-bib-napper tool works in pretty much the same what the acm-bib-napper does. as far as implementation went, a few more hoops had to be hopped through to to nap bibs from ieee xplore. but alas it works, and your experience will be as seamless as using the acm-bib-napper. check out the acm-bib-napper page for more info as to the use case for this tool.

download the tool (python script)

download the ieee-bib-napper – naps bibtex from ieee xplore with added abstracts

how to use / how it works

the ieee-bib-napper works much like the acm-bib-napper. you simply have to download the main html files for the conference.

the tool also supports journals/transactions as well. while this is naturally the case for acm, ieee required some workaround hacks :-p.  but be warned when napping a journal/transaction you’ll end up napping the entire archive of bibs from all the years available. the processes for napping journals is pretty much the same.

remember to use a plugin like downthemall to save multiple links at once.

from this point on, the remaining instructions are exactly the same as the acm-bib-napper, jump over to that page for the rest of the process.