CS451 – Fall 2006

Information Systems Security

Course Calendar

This calendar below describes the topics of each class meeting, reading assignments, and homework assignments.  Readings will from the text, articles from the literature, newspapers, and sites on the Web.  The calendar below indicates topics for only the some initial class meeting dates. This calendar will be updated as the course unfolds.  Readings should be completed before you come to class.

I will post the slides for lectures just before or just after the lecture.  For future lectures the slide pointers will not resolve until I post the slides.

For selected course dates, there is an associated assignment that is due in class on the associated date.
Date Topic Assignments Due
23 Aug Introduction to the Course; discuss group project topics
28 Aug Discussion:  "Take down" of the Internet; fundamentals of security           In class assign # ("take down"); group discussion
30 Aug Worms & Viruses; Read Anatomy of Malice by Stephen Cass

Read Stallings (text), chapter 19

Assign #2 due: Describe one virus or worm in detail, based on what you can find on the Web

4 Sept Buffer overflow

Background reading: Stack Smashing

6 Sept Viruses and worms;  Denial of service attacks

Background reading: Failure to Learn from Past (about the Morris worm)

Form a group; identify group members; give me a project plan for your (tentative) topic 
11 Sept Electronic Voting - security issues; Read: Analysis of Electronic Voting System by A. Rubin;  Check out www.VerifiedVoting.org

Read Stallings, chapter 1

Assign #3 due
13 Sept
Cryptography - classical styles

Read Stallings, chapter 2

18 Sept

Cryptography - Block Ciphers - DES

Read Stallings, chapter 3

20 Sept Block Ciphers after DES;  Peruse Stallings, chapter 5 Outline of project document due (web site or research report)
25 Sept Current & Future Roles of U.S. Coast Guard Polar Icebreaking Operations  
27 Sept Cryptography - Public/Private Key Systems; Peruse Stallings, chapter 8 (number theory);  Read Stallings, chapter 9 Assignment 4 (problems from Stallings text):  2.1, 2.5, 3.2, 3.5, 3.6
2 Oct Cryptography - Protocols, Digital Signatures & Authentication   
4 Oct Cryptography - Authentication - MAC - Hash;  Read Stalling chapter 12 Assignment 5 (problems from Stallings text): 9.2 (a,b and c only), 9.3, 9.4, 9.5
9 Oct Reading Day    
11 Oct Exam # 1 - Mid Term (closed book - covers material to date)  
16 Oct Review answers to mid term exam - group project meetings  
18 Oct Intrusion Detection -- misuse and anomaly -- Read Stallings, chapter 18.  Review the 4 papers listed for 18/23 October

Read papers: "Experience with Tripwire" by Gene Kim and Gene Spafford

"GrIDS - A Graph-Based instruction Detection System for Large Networks" by S. Staniford-Chen, et.al.

Slides: Tripwire, GrIDS  

23 Oct Intrusion Detection -- misuse and anomaly - read Stallings, chapter 9

Read papers: "USTAT: a Real-time Intrusion Detection System for UNIX" by Koral Ilgun

"Intrusion Detection Using Sequences of System Calls" by S.A. Hofmeyr, S. Forrest, et.al.

Slides: USTAT, Forrest-Intrusion Detection Using Sequences of System Calls  

25 Oct Protection mechanisms in operating systems;  Access lists and capabilities        Read about both topics in your favorite operating system text     Assignment 6:  Write a 1-3 page paper describing one selected intrusion detection technique
30 Oct Computer forensics and standards                      
1 Nov Kerberos - authentication service - read Stallings, chapter 14 (p400-419)  
6 Nov Kerberos - authentication service  
8 Nov IPSec -  - read Stallings, chapter 16  
13 Nov Information flow - Information Flow  
15 Nov Buffer class  
18-26 Nov          Thanksgiving  
27 Nov Student Group Presentations 

     Hijack: Andres, Chi, Latimer

     Face Recognition: Gathuka, Outlaw, Barkers

     Hijack: Brady, Tylka, Din

     Watermarks: Pricope, Peek, Wu

29 Nov Student Group Presentations 

     Digital Rights: Chin, Kapadia, Yang, Yokoyama

     Hijack: Banda, Gisiger

     Limited Logon: Hurst, Biddlecomb, Rodriguez

     Hijack: Brennan, Carter, Sluka, Talma

 4 Dec Student Group Presentations 

     Active Defense: Greenfield, Weatherwax, Cook, Bakar

     Steganography: Foroobar, Stammeti

     Hijack: Hankins, Hockensmith, Krainak

8 Dec Final examination - Friday