CS 451 Information Security

Candidate Course Project Ideas

Fall, 2006



In this course students will tackle a semester-long course project.  Students may self-select their groups.  Each project group – about three students – can then define their project.  Your project may require considerable research in the literature and on the web.  It may require your designing (and potentially implementing) a solution.  Perhaps you will also design attacks to test that solution. 


Some candidate projects topics are sketched below.  Your group can select one of these.  Alternatively, your group may have a different idea for a project.  If so, please discuss it with me. 


Pick a security problem that is narrow enough in focus that your group can perform the requisite research, design a solution, implement or simulate parts of that solution, analyze any attacks that might be made against your solution, and determine how you would counter those potential attacks – all in less than a semester.  All projects should be documented in a professional report that is delivered to me on schedule.  I will ask selected groups to present their projects to the class.


Smart Card


Active Defense


Security for a Wireless Network


Configure for Forensics


Stamp out SPAM


Stamp out SPAM


Digital image Watermarks


Set out some Honey Pots


Create a Sandbox


Key Escrow


Detect Prowlers in your System


Crack Digital Satellite TV


Authenticate Cookies


Secure Instant Messaging


Digital Media Copyright Protection




Electronic Voting


Intrusion Detection


Create an OS fingerprint detector


Create a TCP/IP Hijacking tool


Virtual Private Network for TCP and/or UDP packets using your own cryptographic code