This is the website of the first version of HyperCast from 1999. You find the current version at
  • The goal of the HyperCast project is to investigate, by analysis and implementation, protocol mechanisms which can achieve highly scalable (super-scalable) multicast communications on the Internet.
    The core approach is to organize multicast group members in very highly symmetric topologies, and use the these  for the exchange of control information between multicast group members.


  • This Web site:  This website will be used for posting information on the HyperCast project, and to give access to research papers and software related to the HyperCast project.
  • Acknowledgements: T
    • The HyperCast project is supported by the National Science Foundation under grant number ANI-9870336.
    • We appreciate the support of Tower Technology's donation of the TowerJ Java compiler. A report on the performance increase due to the use of the Java compiler will be posted shortly.
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Jörg Liebeherr,
Department of Computer Science,
University of Virginia,
Charlottesville, VA 22903 USA

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