Juhi Ranjan

About Me

I explore new ways to sense different aspects of human activities. I am currently working as a graduate student with Prof. Kamin Whitehouse at University of Virginia, Charlottesville in developing energy efficient smart home systems. Previously I have worked as a research engineer with Dr. Prabhat Ranjan in developing assistive devices for people affected by Cerebral Palsy.

Articles Featured In

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Recent News

N2 Women Young Researcher Fellowship - Jul 2016

French-American Doctoral Exchange - Jul 2016

Received Graduate Research Award - Apr 2016

Passed Ph.D Proposal - Oct 2015

Selected@NextProf Workshop - Sept/Oct 2015

Attended UbiComp Doctoral School - Sept 2015

Invited talk at IIIT-D and IIT-D - Jul/Aug 2015

Attended IPSN Doctoral School - Apr 2015

Served on Mock Technical PC (IPSN) - Jan 2015

Awarded Double Hoo Research Grant - Apr 2014

Internship at MSR UK with James Scott - 2013

Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2013


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