my photo I am an assistant professor in the department of Computer Science at UCLA. My research goal is to build intelligence systems that solve real-world problems by automatically acquiring knowledge. This challenging goal involves two fundamental components: A machine learning component that can efficiently make coherent decisions for problems with complex structures, and a natural language understanding component that enables the system to extract knowledge from unstructured text. I have been published broadly in machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and data mining.


  • email: kw AT kwchang DOT net
  • see my calendar for scheduling a meeting with me.
  • Office hours: Tue 4pm-5pm, Engr VI 374

Prospective students We are looking for highly motivated students to join UCLA-NLP lab. Please read my Research Statement to learn my general research directions. If you're intersted in joining us, please fill in this application form Due to the large number of inquiries from prospective students, please understand that I generally cannot respond personally. But if you are a strong candidate, I will contact you during the admission season.

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