The following schedule is subjected to change.

Lecture Date topic Slides Due
Ch1. Overview Tue 8/23 Overview .pdf, .pptx Hw0
Ch2. Language Model Thu 8/25 N-gram .pdf, .pptx
Tue 8/30 Smoothing I .pdf, .pptx
Thu 9/1 Perplexity; Discriminative LM .pdf, .pptx
Ch3. Words Tue 9/6 Morphology .pdf, .pptx
Thu 9/8 Vector Space Models .pdf, .pptx
Tue 9/13 Word Embeddings .pdf, .pptx
Thu 9/15 Word Clustering .pdf, .pptx classnote Presentation sign-up
Tue 9/20 Part-of-Speech tagging .pdf, .pptx Quiz 1
Thu 9/22 Hidden Markov Model .pdf, .pptx Project sign-up
Tue 9/27 HMM: Forward and Viterbi .pdf.pptx answer to the in-class practice .pdf .pptx
Thu 9/29 HMM: EM .pdf .pptx
Tue 10/4 Reading day No Class
Ch4. Syntax Thu 10/6 Structured prediction for NLP .pdf, .pptx
Tue 10/11 Formal Grammars .pdf .pptx Quiz 2
Thu 10/13 Dependency Parsing .pdf .pptx Proposal Due
Tue 10/18 Constituency Parsing .pdf, .pptx
Thu 10/20 Statistical Parsing with PCFG .pdf, .pptx Review Due
Tue 10/25 Semantic Parsing .pdf, .pptx Presentation starts
Thu 10/27 More on Semantic Parsing .pdf, .pptx
Ch5. Applications Tue 11/1 Question Answering Quiz 3
Thu 11/3 Information Extraction Neural Network (by Wasi Ahmad) .pdf, .pptx
Tue 11/8 Representation Learning .pdf, .pptx
Thu 11/10 More on Word Embeddings .pdf, .pptx
Tue 11/15 Relational Learning .pdf,.pptx
Thu 11/17 Name Entity Recognition .pdf,.pptx
Tue 11/22 Entity Linking / Machine Translation .pdf,.pptx
Thu 11/24 Thanksgiving Break No Class
Tue 11/29 Word Alignment/Paraphrase
Thu 12/1 Project Presentation I
Fri 12/2 Project Presentation II