Kimberly S. Wasson, PhD (formerly Kimberly Hanks, Kimberly S. Hanks, Kim Hanks)

Research Scientist
Department of Computer Science
University of Virginia

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Software Engineering, particularly
Requirements, Software Safety, and Software Forensics
with supervisor John Knight


CS 851 Software Fundamentals (Parnas Seminar)
LNGS 792 Cognitive Semantics
CS 651 Formal Methods in Software Engineering
CS 851 Physical Design
CS 851 Genetic Algorithms
CS 851 Distributed Algorithms
CS 654 Computer Organization
BIOL 541 Molecular Biology of the Gene
MATH 509 Probability
CS 655 Programming Languages
CS 656 Operating Systems
CS 661 Analysis of Algorithms
CS 660 Theory of Computation

"There is nothing petty to the mind that has a large vision of relations
and to which every single object suggests a vast sum of human connections."

--George Eliot

News: A Wedding!
Kim and Glenn were married on August 16, 2003 in Wintergreen, VA

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email: kwassonATvirginiaDOTedu