CS 2910: Schedule

This page does not represent the most current semester of this course; it is present merely as an archive.

The main time commitment of this course is being a TA. Three hours per week of your TAship this semester is unpaid and counts as the principle assignment of this course. If you are enrolled for two or more credits of 2910, you need to work (credits × 3) hours per week unpaid for this course. There will also be some meetings and other activities, as outlined below.

Some sessions will be mandatory (topics like ethics and diversity) and others optional (topics like learning theories and TPEGS). You will be required to attend all required sessions and a subset of the optional sessions. Attending additional instances of the same session does not count toward your minimum optional session count.

Meeting Times

We have three meetings each week; you need to attend only one of them, and may switch which one week-to-week if you wish.

Day Time Place
Monday 3:30–4:15 pm Rice 536
Thursday 5:00–5:45 pm Rice 536
16 Mar (only): Rice 242 instead
Friday 3:10–3:55 pm Rice 536

Scheduled Sessions

Scheduled optional sessions

17, 20, and 21 Apr

Professor’s teaching philosophy This session is optional.

In which various faculty present whatever they wish about their approach to teaching.

Monday: Mark Sherriff
Thursday: Luther Tychonievich
Friday: Mark Floryan

Optional sessions we didn’t schedule

We’ll have you vote on which ones you want.

Not scheduled

So you want to be a teacher… This session is optional.

Observations about teaching CS in public and private gradeschools and highschools. Upon request, information about being faculty at 2- and 4-year colleges and as research- or teaching-focussed university faculty may be added.

Not scheduled

CS education research: an overview This session is optional.

What is CS education research, what does it tell us, and how could you do it? This session will be a survey of the field.

Not scheduled

Structuring a lecture This session is optional.

Tips and ideas for organizing thoughts into a classroom presentation.

Past Sessions

30 Jan, 2 and 3 Feb

Welcome, and ethics of TAing. This session is required.

Please read the advice from previous TAs on professionalism, amount of work (including “when there are too many students”), TAing your friends, and ask questions before this week’s 2910 meeting.

My lecture notes outline is available.

No class the week of 6–10 Feb due to instructor travel

13, 16, and 17 Feb

Teaching, tutoring, mentoring, and learning. This session is required.

Please skim the advice from previous TAs on preparation, failed explanations, listening, and answering questions before this week’s 2910 meeting.

My lecture notes outline is available.

20, 23, and 24 Feb

Diversity. This session is required.

My lecture notes outline is available.

No class the week of 6–10 Mar due to spring break

13, 16 and 17 Mar

Grading This session is required.

Part 1: the theory of grading, its objectives, challenges, and alternatives.

Part 2: the practice of grading, making difficult calls, fairness, and appeals.

20, 23, and 24 Mar

TA Panels. This session is optional.

Experienced TAs will sit on a Q&A Panel.

Monday: Michael Cooper, Katie Vinson, Devon Yi, Lily Zamanali
Thursday: Caroline McNichols, Andrew Norton, Jean Salac, Marina Sanusi
Friday: Sam Havron, Jessica Jassal, Glenna Manns, Chiara Sauvage

Come with questions!

27, 30, and 31 Mar

Course (re)Design This session is optional.

A discussion of course design principles and a brief experiencing (re)designing a single course.

3, 6, and 7 Apr

Curriculum Blue-Sky This session is optional.

A brainstorming group on how to redesign the entire CS curriculum

10, 13, and 14 Apr

Course design: Engagement This session is optional.

Discussions of gamification and other techniques to changing engagement in a course

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