CS 2910: Overview

CS 2910 – Teaching Practicum

Welcome to the work-in-progress class page for CS 2910 – Teaching Practicum. This course is only open to Teaching Assistants in the CS department and one credit of CS 2910 is required of all first-time TAs in the semester of their first TAing experience.

This page represents the best current estimate of course flow and content. It will be refined as the semester progressed.

Course Content

This is the seventh instantiation of this course (the firt under its current number; it was previously listed as a CS 2910 special topics course), and it has changed each semester as we have attempted to refine it content for your best edification. Our goals are to

Most of your “assignments” will be TAing, as defined by the instructor of the course for which you are TAing. One credit hour of CS 2910 equates to three hours of each week’s work as a TA. You may not be payed for those hours, but if you are hired for more than three hours a week you may be payed for the additional hours.

This course may be retaken, or taken for more than 1 credit hour. You will be required to TA unpaid for 3 hours for each credit of CS 2910, and to attend CS 2910 meetings each semester in which you take it for any credit. If you plan on retaking it or enrolling for 2+ hours, please contact the instructor.

You may TA for more than (credits × 3) hours per week and be paid for the excess hours, but only with prior approval from your supervisor.

Course Staff

Luther Tychonievich, instructor
Office: Rice 208. If the door is open, you are welcome to come in.
Office Hours: None set asside for 2910 specifically; drop by or ask for an appointment.
Email: tychonievich@virginia.edu. I generally check it once a day on business days only.
Telephone: 434-243-3789
This course has not been scheduled any meta-TAs.
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