CS 3330: Labs and Homework

This page does not represent the most current semester of this course; it is present merely as an archive.

Most labs and homeworks are interrelated: the day after a lab is held a homework is released that is very similar to the lab exercise. The idea is that you will have some time to work in a supervised group setting first and then complete a set of similar exercises on your own.

Both labs and homeworks are submitted on the same page. Some assignments have alternative ways to being submitted, described on the assignment page.

Grading of labs is considerably more generous than grading of homeworks. Our goal is to give full credit in labs if you gave good effort, full credit in homework if you achieved good results.

You are encouraged to work in groups on lab exercises. You are required to work alone on homeworks assignments.

See Using SSH for hints on how to access the lab machines remotely.

Num Lab Lab date Homework HW Due Date
00 C (optional) None  
01 data 2015-01-21 hw 2015-02-04
02 bomb 2015-01-28 None  
03 Y86-1 2015-02-04 Y86-1 2015-02-11
04 Y86-2 2015-02-11 Y86-2 2015-02-25
05 Y86-3 2015-02-18 (canceled)
06 Y86-4 2015-02-25 Y86-4 2015-03-06
07 Y86-5 2015-03-04 Finish Lab 2015-03-06
E2 Exam Review 2015-03-18 None  
08 Timing 2015-03-25 Finish Lab 2015-03-27
09 Performance 2015-04-01 Perf1-Rotate 2015-04-08
10 Performance 2015-04-08 Perf2-Smooth 2015-04-15
11 Memory 2015-04-15 Memory 2015-04-28
E3 Exam Review 2015-04-22 None  

All homework assignments are due at noon (Eastern time) of the day listed, unless a different date is given in the submission page.

As with the schedule, the dates of these assignments might change as the semester progresses.

Due to space constraints, you may only attend the lab section in which you are enrolled in SIS.

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