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Legion: Prototype Virtual Computers

This page contains information about the Campus Wide Virtual Computer that is currently in operation at the University of Virginia, and about the Demonstration Nationwide Virtual Computer that is part of the I-WAY project at Supercomputing `95.

Campus Wide Virtual Computer
Demonstration Nationwide Virtual Computer

Campus Wide Virtual Computer (CWVC)

The Campus Wide Virtual Computer (CWVC) at the University of Virginia is a heterogeneous distributed computing system built on top of Mentat, an object-oriented parallel processing system. The CWVC demonstrates some of the benefits of a Legion-like system, providing departments across the UVa campus with an easy-to-use interface to high performance distributed computing. The CWVC allows researchers at the University to share resources and to develop applications that will be usable in a true Legion setting.



The CWVC is more than just an integrated interface to heterogenous campus-wide distributed computing. It provides a rich set of tools that facilitate application development and debugging, and resource management. These tools include:

Scientific Applications

The utility of Legion-like systems technology is evidenced by the set of scientific codes which have been developed and are in current production use on the CWVC. Some of the applications are: These applications are illustrative examples selected from a variety of CWVC projects which are currently used in both production and experimental settings. Other application areas include genetic algorithms, digital image processing, distributed database systems (the ADAMS project), and matrix computations.

Demonstration Nationwide Virtual Computer

The Demonstration Nationwide Virtual Computer (DNVC) is part of the I-Way project at Supercomputing `95 . The I-Way is a wide area high performance network that links dozens of supercomputing sites around the country. Legion runs on top of the I-Way, and includes the following resources: The tools and applications of the NVWC match those of the CWVC described above.

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