Legion: A Worldwide Virtual Computer
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The Legion Status Monitor is a Java Applet that shows information about Vanet, a Legion system spread out over dozens of machines and thousands of miles. Graphics show current host power, load, speed, and availability.

Display the Legion Status Monitor

Netscape 4.06 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.00.292 or higher is required.
Using the Status Monitor

The Status Monitor is organized by site geography. Users click through a series of maps, zooming in on sites to get increasingly fine levels of detail about Vanet sites and hosts. The maps contain two types of information boxes that provide inforation about performance, Legion objects, and available power. Both are shown below, in Figure 1.

Figure 1

There are several pieces of identifying and status information in both information boxes. The host or site name is in the upper left corner, along with either site or host. The upper right corner has a colored box, which indicates the host or sites's status: yellow indicates that your browser is still downloading data for that site/host, grey means that all data has been received for that site/host, red means that Legion objects are being activated, and blue means that objects are being deactivated.

Figure 2

The information boxes also show processor speed, load, and available power, as in Figure 2. Note that power in the host information box indicates the individual host's power (calculated as number of CPUs x the speed of each CPU) but the site information box power indicates the sum of all processor powers. The Avail % colored bar provides a rating, based on load, of how much power is currently unused. The green portion shows available power: in Figure 2, 100% of the processor power is available. An all black bar indicates that all processor power is in use.

Once the status boxes in a site information box turns grey, the box becomes an active link. Clicking on it once will open a new window, showing a map of the specified site and more site or host information boxes, as appropriate. So, for example, if you click on the USA site information box on the first window (Figure 3), a new window will open, showing more detailed information about Vanet's USA sites (Figure 4).

Figure 3

Figure 4

You can then click on any of the site information boxes to see information about those sites.


The Legion Status Monitor requires Netscape Communicator 4.06 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0b or greater. Your browser's cache setting should also be set to check the document every session so that the applet will get current information.

To do this in Netscape Communicator, click Edit then Preferences. Under category, click on Advanced then Cache. You will get a page entitled Cache: click once per session to indicate that the browser should compare the cached copy of the document against the network copy of the document once per session.

In Internet Explorer, click Tools then Internet Options. You should now see a page entitled Temporary Internet Files. Click the Every visit to the page option, then OK.


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This work partially supported by DOE grant DE-FG02-96ER25290, Logicon (for the DoD HPCMOD/PET program) DAHC 94-96-C-0008, DOE D459000-16-3C, DARPA (GA) SC H607305A, NSF-NGS EIA-9974968, NSF-NPACI ASC-96-10920, and a grant from NASA-IPG.