Resource Management in Legion


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Table of Contents

Resource Management in Legion


Motivation and Philosophy



Allocation via Negotiation

Allocation via Negotiation - Motivation

Realization of Allocation via Negotiation

Application-Specific Allocation

Application-Specific Allocation: Motivation

A Better Model: Application-Specific Allocation

Realization of Application-Specific Allocation

Allocation Process Model

Allocation Process

Allocation Decision Process

Legion Approach to Resource Management

Legion Approach

Legion Approach

Resource Management Layers

Resource Management Layers

PPT Slide

Low Level Services

The Players

Legion Information Framework

Information Framework

Allocation Enactment

The Players: Interfaces

The Players: Interfaces (cont.)

Placement Enactment

Allocation Monitoring

Allocation Monitoring

Allocation Monitoring: Triggers

Intermediate Level Services

Legion Object Hierarchy

Hierarchy for Placement

The Players

Information Database

Placement Enactor

Steps in Object Placement

Locate Resources

Gather Description Information

Placement Decision

Implement Decision

Placement Module Interaction

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