MM5 is a mesoscale weather code which is used for both research into weather prediction programs and for operational predictions for organizations such as the United States Air Force.

The first performance graph shows the performance of MM5 on the Hurricane Opal test case.

As you can see, Centurion I's 64 alpha processors are faster than both an SGI Origin 2000 and an IBM SP2 cluster. All three of these machines are previous generation chips. The Alpha EV6 numbers are for the latest Alpha chip, which is faster than the IBM Power3 processor and the SGI R12000.

The second performance graph shows the performance of MM5 on a test case for the AFWA.

Once again Centurion I is faster than an IBM SP2, both with 64 Power2 nodes, and with 144 PowerPC 604e processors (36 nodes of 4 each).

Thanks to John Michalakes for helping with these numbers. This is the `MPP' version of MM5.

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