Centurion Snapshots

Centurion I:

Centurion II: The second wave

Phase I
The Centurion assembly team (well, most of it):
Front row: Mark Hyatt, Christian Roberts, Andrew Grimshaw,
Steve Chapin, Katherine Holcomb
Second row: Anh Nguyen-Tuong, Mark Morgan, Greg Lindahl, Norm Beekwilder
Back row: Sarah Wells, Fritz Knabe, Mike Lewis

Trying not to drop anything

Taking inventory

Rows of shiny new processors

Phase II

Norm checking out the power supply

Sarah and Katherine getting ready to take things apart

John configuring the bios

Greg cloning disks

Greg still cloning disks

Guess what? Greg's still cloning disks

Playing with wires

Pulling up the floor, supposedly to arrange the networking

Phase III

Stack o' Centurion

Andrew arrives to take credit

Greg and Andrew: the proud papas

1/4 of the original Centurion cluster

The *real* behind-the-scenes look.

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